Keynote – "Restoring Our Lost Imagination"

Speaker: Adam BergsteinAssociate Director of Engineering at CivicActions
Room: TBD
Date: Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

Have you ever caught yourself saying things like, “If I only had a million dollars, I would help feed the poor” or “There is no way that I can ever become a Senior Engineer.” As we grow older, our youthful imagination slowly fades away. Every experience in life shapes our reality and forms subconscious predisposition. Our biases help shape what is right or wrong, good or bad, and, most importantly, possible or not possible.

This talk explores how we can bring back our imagination to achieve things we don’t think are possible. Where we see risk, how can we see opportunity? Possibility is shaped by the strategies we use to be successful. We need to understand how we’ve formed our perspective, be present to our strategies, and discover the aspects of our reality limiting our imagination. This presentation then offers tools for helping us to reset our expectations on what is possible and restore our imagination. Only when we free ourselves from our own biases, can we reach our fullest potential.

Attendees can expect to learn more about:

  • Learning about our own awareness, presence and winning strategies, which can help us to learn about our own biases
  • Redefining goals to that help us see routine opportunities presented to us by the community, our jobs, and everyday life
  • Discussing tools and practices, like focus and prioritization, that help unlock our imagination in realizing significant impact aligned with our personal aspirations
  • Sharing some personal experiences I have that have leveraged these strategies

About Adam Bergstein

Adam Bergstein - DrupalCamp St. Louis 2017 Keynote Speaker

Adam Bergstein ( ID: nerdstein) has over nine years of Drupal development experience architecting enterprise-grade solutions across a variety of sectors. He has ported many popular security and compliance related modules to Drupal 8, like Password Policy, Password Strength, Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator Login, Encrypt, Key, File Encrypt, Field Encrypt, and Pubkey Encrypt. Adam currently works as Associate Director of Engineering for CivicActions, providing web-driven open source solutions for public sector clients who are often subject to strict security and compliance regulations. Adam has a passion for DevOps and has coined the term "Accessible Continuous Integration" based on his desire to have technology serve as a function of user needs. Adam has a Masters of Science in Information Security and Engineering from Penn State University and has achieved the Acquia Grand Master certification.


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