Baking Accessibility Into Your Site

Trying to add accessibility to your site after it launches is like trying to add chocolate chip after the cookies are baked.

At the Government Summit at DrupalCon 2017, there was a lot of discussion about how to check the accessibility of a site and how to apply WCAG 2.0. Government agencies have until January 2018 to get their sites in order. Private companies are being scrutinized and complaints are being filed against them under ADA. 

This session will show you:

  • How to test your site for accessibility
  • How to triage your site to make big improvement fast
  • How to build accessibility into your development cycle so accessibility is baked in.

We’ll check accessibility in modules, themes, and content (spoiler: don’t let your content contributors use ALL the WYSIWYG options). We’ll discuss testing tools, including WAVE and SiteImprove, and do some live demos, bandwidth permitting.

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Kevin Lanahan
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